How long do you play at my Wedding ceremony?

The actual playing time is usually 15 – 20 minutes and normally happens when you are signing the register. Of course, your ceremony may be different and we are there to accommodate you. We will set up before the ceremony begins and will stay until it finishes.

Can you play my favourite song?

You can select certain pieces from a list which we will provide. It may be possible to request a favourite of yours and we will do our best to facilitate this.

What if my event runs on later than anticipated. Can you play longer?

Of course! We can extend the play time, within reason, to allow for delays during the course of the event. Any additional time would be chargeable at the agreed hourly rate, on a pro rata basis.

How do I make a booking?

Contact us to get a quotation for your event. To confirm a booking we require a 50% deposit. The balance is due on the day.